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Boise State Program Supports Online Course Design and Teaching

By: Brady W Moore   Published 7:07 am / August 14, 2017

Multimedia storytelling, survey of western art and marketing are among the online course subjects that faculty designed and developed through Boise State’s eCampus Quality Instruction Program (eQIP) this summer.

More than 60 individuals, listed below, participated in eQIP professional development offerings to build and/or improve their fully online course or polish their online teaching skills.

Available through the eCampus Center each semester, eQIP has room available in the following upcoming offerings:

eCampus Course Design and Development Seminar (eCD2S)

For first-time eQIP participants or those who developed courses prior to fall 2012, this seminar offers expert guidance through the process of creating a new course or redesigning an existing one.

  • Fall 2017: Sept. 4-Dec. 1
  • Spring 2018: Jan. 22-April 20

eCampus Facilitated Course Development (eCD)

For faculty who have designed a course in eCD2S since fall 2012, this offering also includes expert guidance for building or redesigning an online course.

  • Fall 2017: Sept. 18-Nov. 10
  • Spring 2018: Feb. 5-April 6  

eCampus Teaching Online Seminar (eTOS)

For faculty who will be teaching online within the next two semesters and have access to a fully developed online course site, this seminar covers best practices for delivering an online course.

  • Fall 2017: Sept. 4-Oct. 13 or Oct. 16-Dec. 1
  • Spring 2018: Jan. 22-Mar 2 or Mar 5-April 20  

To learn more about these professional development offerings, faculty and adjuncts may complete an interest form, visit the eQIP website, or write to

Summer 2017 eQIP Participants

eCampus Course Design and Development Seminar (eCD2S)


Name Course Number Course Title
Lisa Giacumo OPWL XXX Mentoring in the Workplace
Susie MacKinnon MHLTHSCI 535 Ethics and Health Policy
Craig Peariso ARTHIST 102 Survey of Western Art II
Trina Sego MKTG 301 Principles of Marketing
Lillian Smith HLTHST 356 Community-Based Prevention Methods
Samantha Sturman ENGL 101P Introduction To College Writing Plus
Laurel Traynowicz COMM 302 Research Methods
Rulon Wood COMM 261 Multimedia Storytelling


eCampus Facilitated Course Development (eCD)


Name Course Number Course Title
Diane Boothe ED-LLC 501/599 Culturally Diverse Learners
Kim Carter-Cram GENDER 480 Special Topics: French Feminist Theory
Cheryl Doran ES-SPED 260 Special Education Policies and Procedures
Sarah Mawhirter GENDER 301 Feminist Theory
Guy Prouty ANTH 101L Lab for ANTH 101


eCampus Teaching Online Seminar, Session 1 & 2 (eTOS)


Name Course Number Course Title
Thomas Atkins BUSCOM 201 Business Communication
Mitchell Brinton ANTH 314 Environmental Anthropology
Mark Cowan ACCT 530 Corporate Tax Law 1
Tracy Day BUSCOM 201 Business Communication
Teresa Focarile THEA 230 Development of Theatre 1: Classical – Neoclassical Forms
Nicole Herzog ANTH 105 Evolution and Human Behavior
Nick Jones BUSMGT 304 Design Thinking
Megan Lindbeck ACAD 108 Career and Life Planning
Wendy Loumeau HLTHST 480/480G Epidemiology
Jack Marr BUSMGT 325 International Business Management
Joanna McCormack HLTHST 215 Introduction To Health Infomatics
Carter Merklinghaus SOC 102 Social Problems
Christopher Michas UF 200 Civic and Ethical Foundations
Janet Mosebach BUSBTC 301 Business Foundations I
Guy Prouty ANTH 101 Biological Anthropology
Matthew Schmasow ACAD 197 Financial Health in College
Kate Steven ACAD 101 Academic Success at Boise State
Tracey Thomas HLTHST 382 Research Methods in Health
Joel Vallett BUSCOM 201 Business Communication
Oday Waheeb MATH 123 Quantitative Reasoning
Laura Therese Woozley COMM 271 Introduction to Media


Quality Matters™ Peer Reviews (QMPR)


Name Course Number Course Title
Robin Allen SOCWRK 513 Advanced Issues in Human Diversity
Robin Allen SOCWRK 562 School Social Work
Diane Boothe ED-LLC 200 Cultural Diversity in the School
Jodi Brandt HES 597 Land Use and Ecosystem Services
Lorrie Breshears SOCWRK 570/573 Foundation Field Work 1,Foundation Practicum Seminar 1
Kim Carter-Cram GENDER 380 French Feminist Theory
John Crenshaw BUSBTC 310 Creating Value with People
Jaime Goffin SOCWRK 575/577 Advanced Social Work Practicum I
Stephanie Hall KINES 270 Applied Anatomy
Jayne Josephsen IPE 320 Health Care Coordination and the Healthcare System
Bonnie Kenaley SOCWRK 529 Foundation Social Work Practice I: Individuals
Bonnie Kenaley SOCWRK 526 Evaluation & Treatment of Mental Disorders
Raymond Mullenax SOCWRK 572/574 Foundation Field Work II/ Foundation Practicum Seminar II
Jen Obenshain SOCWRK 550 Advanced Interventions I: Comparative Theories
Michael Rawdan BUSBTC 410 Business Planning Applications
Gordon Reinhart THEA 301 Directing I
Alyssa Reynolds SOCWRK 597-Trauma Foundation and Application of Trauma Informed Practice
Michael Slagel SOCWRK 532 Advanced Research: Program And Practice Evaluation
Clinton Wolfley BAS 425 Creating a Culture of Safety

eCampus Support Projects


Name Course Number Course Title
Darcy Anderson NURS 425 Nursing Leadership and Management and Lab
Darcy Anderson NURS 428 Nursing Roles In Healthy Aging
Darcy Anderson NURS 432   Preparing For Graduate Education And Advanced Practice
Darcy Anderson NURS 430 Current Trends in Nursing
Sarah Mawhirter SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
Christopher Michas  UF 200 Civic and Ethical Foundations
Clyde Moneyhun ENGL 204 Writing Creative Nonfiction
Karina Smith Online Required Probation Workshop Online Required Probation Workshop