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Space Still Available for Faculty Learning Community

By: Brady W Moore   Published 12:00 pm / August 25, 2017

The Center for Teaching and Learning has partnered with Boise State’s English language support programs to offer an extended experience to help faculty be prepared for and take advantage of our increasingly cross-cultural and multilingual classrooms. There are limited spaces still available for the interdisciplinary faculty learning community on teaching multilingual students.

The fall 2017 Language Diversity and Teaching Community is seeking part- or full-time faculty to join an extended conversation about working with culturally and linguistically diverse student populations.

Participants will:

  • Explore and discuss common texts
  • Share ideas about teaching with an interdisciplinary group of faculty
  • Learn new strategies for supporting students from diverse language and cultural backgrounds
  • Develop a sense of community
  • Earn $500 in professional expenses upon completion of all projects
  • Discuss classroom challenges
  • Discover student and faculty resources
  • Design or redesign a syllabus, a classroom strategy, an assignment, or a method of assessment
  • Complete an individual project related to your classroom teaching
  • Complete and present a group project to inform the wider university faculty

The first meeting is 9-11 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 29. For more information, visit the Center for Teaching and Learning website or contact Julie Geist Drew at

Apply at the link above or via the following link: