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Department Moves for Fall 2017

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 7:11 am / September 7, 2017

Boise State University’s campus and buildings are continually changing to best serve students, faculty and staff. Departments and offices are occasionally moved or redesigned to allow for better use of space, more room for expanding groups or the need to occupy space for other initiatives.

The Honors College (HONR) and Sawtooth Hall (SAWTH) have now opened and house more than 600 students.  

A full list of completed relocations and upcoming relocations is available below:

Completed Relocations (new location/address):

Scheduled Relocations:

  • VP Research Robotics Lab (Culinary Arts, rooms 102 and 105, 1310 UniversityDrive
  • VP Research Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) Lab (Culinary Arts, room 118, 1310 University Drive)
  • VP Research CAES Technical Assistance Program Lab (Culinary Arts, room 101, 1310 University Drive)
  • Dean of Students (Campus School, Suite 120, 2100 University Drive)
  • Master of Fine Arts for Creative Writing and Theatre Arts (expands to Campus School, Suite 130, 2209 University Drive)
  • College of Health Sciences Advising (Norco, Suite 116, 1529 Belmont St.)

For more information regarding space on campus, contact Capital Planning and Space Management at or by calling (208) 426-5169.