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Jodi Brandt

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 10:55 am / September 8, 2017

Photo of Jodi Brandt

Jodi Brandt

Assistant Professor
College of Innovation and Design

Jodi Brandt, an expert on human environment systems, was the second author published in Science Magazine on Sept. 7 titled, “Tragedy of the sand commons.”

You can find the article here:

The research in this article was featured in a Conversation piece titled “The world is facing a global sand crisis.”

In July, Brandt also was the first author on an article that came out in Conservation Biology, which is the top journal in the field of human environment systems. The article is titled “Effects of national forest-management regimes on unprotected forests of the Himalaya,” and explores how effective different national forest management systems are in preventing deforestation in non-protected forests. You can find the article here.