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Dean of Student’s Emergency Fund Helps Students Affected by Wildfires, Hurricanes

By: Sherry Squires   Published 9:55 am / September 15, 2017

Students link arms with Boise State backpacksPonyUp, Boise State’s crowdfunding platform, has launched a new initiative to support the Dean of Students Emergency Assistance Fund. This fund’s goal is to ensure that unforeseen circumstances do not prevent enrolled students from continuing their education at Boise State University. As natural disasters like wildfires and hurricanes Irma and Harvey affect students, making a gift to the Dean of Students Emergency Assistance Fund serves as an opportunity for the Bronco family to unite in making sure our students can stay in school.

The fund is available to help any qualifying student who faces financial challenges caused by any number of circumstances. Support the emergency fund through PonyUp here.

For more information on the Dean of Students Emergency Assistance Fund or to access resources, visit or call (208) 426-1570.

Have a project in mind for PonyUp? Crowdfunding can be a great opportunity – both in terms of the ability for campus groups to raise funds and for them to have a platform to market their projects and programs. Typically projects meet the criteria that:

  • Have a low dollar goal – typically $1,000-$10,000
  • Have an element of time sensitivity
  • Are for a very specific and tangible need
  • Have a committed team of project leaders who are willing to run the project

To learn more, visit