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Michal Temkin Martinez

By: Brady W Moore   Published 7:46 am / September 15, 2017

Portrait of Michal Temkin Martinez.

Michal Temkin Martinez

Associate Professor
English Department
College of Arts and Sciences

A chapter co-authored by Michal Temkin Martinez and former undergraduate student Vanessa Rosenbaum recently was published in the book “Africa’s Endangered Languages: Documentary and Theoretical approaches,” edited by Jason Kandybowicz and Harold Torrence and published by Oxford University Press.

The chapter, titled “Acoustic and Aerodynamic Data on Somali Chizigula Stops,” reports on data collected experimentally to complement the description of sounds in Somali Chizigula — a language spoken in Boise by members of the Somali Bantu community who arrived as refugees. Results from this study also contribute to ongoing discussion of sound change processes cross-linguistically.

The project was supported by an Arts and Humanities Institute fellowship.