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Boise State Adopts New Interior Signage Designs

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 8:32 am / September 18, 2017

Boise State University has made great efforts in recent years to develop design standards that can be applied throughout the campus and ensure all spaces are accessible to everyone, easy to navigate and reflect a consistent and welcoming university experience.

One portion of these efforts includes a new suite of interior signs, including ADA-compliant, directional/wayfinding, core building, donor and department signs, as well as interior wall and window vinyls. In addition, standards for other fixtures, such as cork strips, grab bars, document inserts and building directories have been set.

Currently, most buildings throughout campus have inconsistent interior signage. As new signs are needed within these buildings, they will be replaced with new signage that meets these standards. In instances of a full remodel or new building, a full set of signs in the new standard will be installed.

Generally, departments will be responsible for the costs of individual sign replacements and updates; however, in the case of a full remodel or new building, sign replacement costs will be included in the project budget.

All interior signs are to be produced and installed by the Boise State Sign Shop.

Visit the sign shop’s website to view interior signage standards.

Developing design standards, including signs, paint colors, carpets and flooring, furniture and more, adds to the efforts of creating a solid university brand and enhances the experience of campus users.