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Graduate College Seeks Associate Dean in Residence

By: Sherry Squires   Published 11:53 am / October 4, 2017

The Graduate College at Boise State is excited to offer graduate faculty the opportunity to join the college as an associate dean in residence.

The goals of this initiative include: 1) bringing graduate faculty expertise and insight into the Graduate College to work on projects in identified areas, 2) building and sustaining close relationships between the Graduate College and the departments and programs it serves, and 3) providing an opportunity for graduate faculty to serve in a leadership position at Boise State University.

The associate dean in residence will work collaboratively with the associate dean and dean of the Graduate College, the Graduate Leadership Team, the Graduate Council, the Graduate College staff, and other stakeholders to successfully implement their identified program.

Boise State University graduate faculty who are interested in serving as an associate dean in residence to the Graduate College are invited to submit innovative proposals to improve graduate student mentoring and advising at Boise State. Additional information and an application can be found hereApplications are due by 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 20, 2017.