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Albertsons Library

By: Brady W Moore   Published 5:52 am / October 11, 2017

Photo of Albertsons Library faculty members.

Albertsons Library

Albertsons Library

Boise State was well represented by library faculty at the 2017 Idaho Library Association conference. Presenters and their presentations included:
  • Michelle Armstrong, associate professor, “Digital Privacy and Information Freedom”
  • Elizabeth Ramsey, assistant professor, “Identifying and Confronting Micro-aggressions in Our Libraries”
  • Mary Aagard, assistant professor, “Therapy Dogs, Sleeping Pods, Student Jobs: Academic Libraries and Student Wellness”
  • Deana Brown, assistant professor, “Learn From the Things That Stuck: 10 Years of Community Mentoring with SPLAT (Special Projects Library Action Team)”
  • Kelsey Keyes, assistant professor, “Supporting Parenting Students at Academic Libraries”
  • Amy Vecchione, associate professor, “ILA President: Welcome to the ILA Conference”
502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway