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Foundational Studies Call for New Course Proposals

By: Brady W Moore   Published 6:10 am / October 11, 2017

The General Education Committee, the faculty senate committee that oversees Foundational Studies, is pleased to announce a process for new courses in the program. The primary call is for new University Foundations 100 (UF 100) courses. Instructions and deadlines for UF 100 proposals are outlined below.

Disciplinary Lens (DL), Communication in the Discipline and University Foundations 200 courses follow a different track and will be handled initially by contacting the staff named below. For all proposals, please follow your department’s protocol for course assignments and scheduling. John Bieter and Andrew Finstuen, or other Foundations staff, will be available to meet with departments to discuss and provide further context for any one of these processes.

  • UF 100 course proposals
    • Deadline: Nov. 17, 2017 for proposals for either fall ’18 or spring ’19 offerings. The above link contains two documents, a statement on Foundational Studies and the UF 100 proposal questionnaire. For inquiries about UF 100 courses, please contact John Bieter.
  • Disciplinary Lens course proposals
    • The freeze on new DL course proposals is over. For inquiries about DL courses, please contact Kay Wingert.
  • Communication in the Discipline course proposals
    • For inquiries about Communication in the Discipline, please contact either Marty Most, chair of the General Education Subcommittee regarding Communication in the Disciple or Andrew Finstuen, interim vice provost for undergraduate studies.
  • UF 200 course proposals
    • For inquiries about UF 200, please contact Matthew Recla, interim associate director of Foundational Studies and chair of the General Education Subcommittee regarding UF 200.