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Uwe Reischl

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 6:52 am / October 12, 2017

Portrait of Uwe Reischl

Uwe Reischl

Department of Community and Environmental Health
College of Health Sciences

Uwe Reischl was a keynote speaker at the 11th International Scientific Conference on Production Engineering held in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Oct, 4-7.

Reischl’s presentation was titled “Innovation to Application.” It outlined the organizational and environmental factors known to promote innovation and creativity within organizations dedicated to research and development. A summary of historically important inventions, including their applications, provided the framework for identifying the potential impact of new ideas on future technology applications.

Following the conference in Sarajevo, on Oct. 9 Reischl presented a research seminar in the College of Textile Technology at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. His seminar, titled “Evaporative Cooling of Wet Fabrics,” presented the results from experiments carried out in the Boise State Ergonomics Laboratory. The results showed that selected fabrics can effectively reduce heat stress and optimize comfort through evaporation of sweat from the surface of fabric materials, rather than from sweat evaporation directly from the skin.

The results help explain the preference by athletes for tight-fitting clothing during competitions in hot environments.