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Lisa Giacumo, Steve Villachica and Sole Pera

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 2:59 pm / October 17, 2017

Lisa Giacumo, Steve Villachica and Sole Pera

Departments of Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning, and Computer Science
College of Engineering

Portrait of Lisa Giacumo.

Lisa Giacumo

Portrait of Steven W. Villachica

Steve Villachica

Boise State assistant professor Lisa Giacumo, associate professor Steve Villachica and assistant Sole Pera, working in concert with Jeroen Breman, a learning and development consultant for GridU, the corporate university for Northwest Lineman College, presented at the 2017 International Society for Performance Improvement Europe Middle East Asia (EMEA) conference held Sept. 14-16 in Bologna, Italy.

Portrait of Sole Pera

Sole Pera

Photo of a guy with glasses.

Jeroen Breman

Their research-to-practice session, “Determining big data readiness in organizations: A Client co-construction strategy for success,” was based on the result of a review of the professional literature regarding big data, performance improvement, innovation adoption and readiness factors.

Participants learned about the authors’ emerging performance improvement big data-readiness framework tool. In addition, participants learned how it applies to cases of successful EMEA region-focused performance improvement projects. The session’s outcomes provided a useful framework for practitioners that need to identify organizational factors associated with potential organizational changes required to achieve big data integration.