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Incorporating Language and Cultural Diversity in Teaching

By: taylorreeves737   Published 3:03 pm / October 30, 2017

Faculty are invited to a seminar on “Incorporating Language and Cultural Diversity in our Teaching: Ideas From Teaching Associates and Students,” at noon Nov. 1 in the ILC, Room 315.

Description: We all want the best classrooms for all of our students. Do you think about language and cultural diversity in your classroom when you prepare a course, or while you teach it? Do you think that this diversity is an obstruction, or does it present new opportunities for better teaching?

Our goal for this spotlight is to have participants reflect on these questions: What kind of diverse language backgrounds do your students bring? Who is an international student, who is a refugee? Do these students face the same problems, similar problems as others in your class? Answers to these questions may help you create a diverse classroom in which all students may benefit.

We will present some findings from the Language Diversity and Teaching Faculty Learning Community, which met in fall 2016. Based on the above questions, we developed a list of Effective Teaching Practices we would like to put forward for discussion. We strongly believe that thinking about diversity in our classrooms will help us all to improve teaching and the learning outcomes for all of our students. During our spotlight we will have warm-up activities to get you involved. We also plan on inviting students for a discussion round table, so you can hear firsthand how they think about the problems they face and how you can work to give them a successful learning experience at Boise State University.

Facilitated by David Gabbard, Wendy Jaquet, Uwe Kaiser and Yookyung Lee. This session counts toward the BUILD Certificate Program. Please bring your lunch. For more information, please visit