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Prof Staff Senate Adopts Diversity and Inclusion Resolution

By: Brady W Moore   Published 7:20 am / October 30, 2017

Boise State University’s Professional Staff Association Senate adopted a resolution reaffirming support of diversity and inclusion in all intersections of identities of students, faculty and staff, and stands against hateful rhetoric and identity violence in any form.

“Higher education is a microcosm of our culture in all of its diversity. However, diversity without inclusion does little to support innovation, educational dialogue and scholarly research,” said Charity Strong, Professional Staff Association senator. “It is important to include all voices and to amplify those that are underrepresented and marginalized. As professional colleagues, we must hold ourselves accountable to both diversity and inclusion.”

To learn more about what the university is doing to support diversity and inclusion, check out the Boise State University commission on diversity and inclusion. You can view community survey results, submit comments and suggestions, and stay informed about how the university intends to support these objectives.

The Gender Equity Center and Multicultural Student Services also provide resources on how to support inclusion of marginalized communities on campus.

“It is at the heart of the university’s shared values to support diversity and inclusion,” said Strong. “Take a peek and think about how you might make a bigger impact in your office, with students and in the university community.”