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New Pedestrian Crossing on Capitol Boulevard and Island Avenue

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 7:32 am / October 31, 2017

A new pedestrian crossing soon will be installed on the Boise State University campus. The crossing will connect the Lusk District at Island Avenue to campus, near the entrance to the new Center for Fine Arts. This also will be near a future walkway just north of the building, which will offer easy access into campus. With more than 100,000 pedestrians and cyclists traversing Capitol Boulevard per month, the crossing is seen as a necessity for safety and crossing control.

This represents a two-phased pedestrian crossing, with a midway queuing area in the existing median. To avoid traffic delays, the new signals will be timed with the Royal and University street lights, and provide an additional pedestrian-friendly option for crossing Capitol Boulevard. The crossing only will be activated when a pedestrian presses the crossing button and the University and Royal signals are ready. Also included in the project are pedestrian striping on the street, new lighting and signal poles.

The project will be complete near the Thanksgiving holiday and will add a second new crossing for pedestrians, following the Royal Boulevard extension in 2016.