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Deb Mishra

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 2:26 pm / November 2, 2017

Portrait of Deb Mishra

Deb Mishra

Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
College of Engineering

Deb Mishra was invited as a guest speaker to the 57th Idaho Asphalt Conference organized in Moscow, Idaho, on Oct. 26. The Idaho Asphalt Conference is held every year under the auspices of the University of Idaho, the Idaho Transportation Department and the Asphalt Institute.

The conference primarily focuses on topics related to asphalt pavements and is attended by practitioners and researchers working in the generic areas of pavement engineering and pavement materials. The title of Mishra’s presentation was “Use of Visual Distress Survey and Deflection Data for Rehabilitation Decisions in Idaho.”

In his presentation, Mishra talked about the development of simplified methods for network-level analysis of pavement conditions in Idaho; this research work was sponsored by the Idaho Transportation Department. Three graduate students (Md. Fazle Rabbi, Kody Johnson and Md. Jibon) who are working with Mishra also attended the conference this year.