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The Blue Review Presents Perspectives on Civility

By: Brady W Moore   Published 2:14 pm / November 2, 2017

The Blue Review, Boise State’s popular scholarship journal, is kicking off a new series titled Perspectives on Civility. The series will include essays from writers both on and off campus with the goal of bringing together a range of approaches on the concept of civility, civil discourse and civic engagement.

Justin Vaughn, editor in chief of The Blue Review said the series is a way to continue an already robust conversation happening in the community about civility, civic engagement and more, in ways that are thoughtful and challenging. “Thanks in large part to the leadership and dedication of President Kustra and countless campus and community partners, Boise State University and the Boise area alike have seen a major commitment to the idea that we not only can but must begin to engage one another in public life in ways that are civil and community-minded.”

The first essay, by Stehpanie Witt, director of the Applied Research Center and a professor of political science and public policy and administration, is titled “My Opponent, Not My Enemy” and focuses on the need to view those on the opposite side in conflicts over values and ideas as opponents, not enemies.

Vaughn said Witt’s essay shows us how we got to where we are today and identifies hope for the future. “Witt’s article is an auspicious start to this new Perspectives on Civility series – I encourage you to read it and share widely.”