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Nov. 7 Workshop: “Addressing Barriers for Students Facing Mental Health Challenges”

By: taylorreeves737   Published 3:32 pm / November 6, 2017

Many college students face mental health challenges, and it’s not always clear what should be done when those mental health challenges become visible. The Center for Teaching and Learning offers a workshop on teaching students who have mental health challenges.

The CTL will host “Addressing Barriers for Students Facing Mental Health Challenges,” a workshop that connects faculty with students facing mental health challenges and offers strategies for teaching such students. The event will be held at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 7, in ILC Room 315.

The workshop is open to students and faculty who want to address mental health challenges in the classroom and beyond. Affected students will share their stories and discuss what faculty might do if a mental health issue becomes apparent. Instructors also will learn what the research suggests are best practices when designing courses with such students in mind. For example, faculty will receive guidance on creating more inclusive course activities and assessments.

Interested faculty and students can join the conversation about how students and faculty can help each other address mental health barriers to learning by registering for the workshop at: