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Commission and Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion Shares Progress

By: taylorreeves737   Published 3:47 pm / November 13, 2017

In January 2017, President Bob Kustra convened the Boise State University Commission and Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion with the charge to:

  1. Gather and review information and data including past documents and campus studies as well as collect, update and enable a current status view;
  2. Frame recommendations to Boise State’s president on ways to advance our commitment to diversity and inclusion; and
  3. Oversee the transition to actions in response to recommendations.

The co-chairs of the Boise State University Commission on Diversity and Inclusion, Donna Llewellyn and Gayla Thomas-Dabney, have several updates on their current work. The Commission and Advisory Council completed the first two parts of this charge during the spring and summer. While waiting to act on the third step, the Commission and Advisory Council would like to invite the campus to review the progress to date.

In late February, the President and the Executive Council adopted the Commission and Advisory Council’s Resolution of Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. The full resolution can be found at:

During spring semester, the campus was invited to respond to a survey about the current status of diversity and inclusion at Boise State. The results of this survey were integrated with the findings from prior reports and studies in a report submitted to the president in July. This report includes sections on each of the following and can be found at:

  • Leading with Inclusion and Diversity
  • Fostering a Sense of Belonging and Being Valued
  • Increasing the Diversity of our Community
  • Achieving an Inclusive Instructional Climate
  • Supporting our Campus Community, Communicating Effectively
  • Committing to Action and Accountability

During his State of the University address, President Kustra told the campus about the report and announced his intention to initiate a search for a chief diversity officer. The speech can be seen at: (segment at 33.45 minutes).

While the work completed thus far has revealed that our campus community has much work to do to fulfill the vision laid out in the resolution, the co-chairs are excited about this movement forward toward the goal of becoming a more diverse and inclusive campus. Because this work requires all to become involved, the campus community is encouraged to review these materials and to provide feedback and input using the form found at: