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Vanessa Fry

By: Brady W Moore   Published 6:57 am / November 13, 2017

Portrait of Vanessa Fry

Vanessa Fry

Assistant Director
Idaho Policy Institute
School of Public Service

Vanessa Fry at the Sun Valley conference. The Sun Valley Economic Development annual summit was Nov. 2 in Sun Valley. This year’s summit, “National Trends – Local Responses,” focused on critical factors the Sun Valley region needs to consider for future economic viability. Idaho Policy Institute (IPI) assistant director, Vanessa Fry, participated in a panel discussion titled “Challenges and Opportunities: Planning for Future Changes in Our Ecosystem.” Fry provided insight into policy alternatives that may be useful in supporting a year round economy, talent attraction and workforce housing.

Prior to joining Boise State University, Fry was a Blaine County resident and a co-founder of Sustain Blaine (now Sun Valley Economic Development). As a co-founder, Fry focused on creating a regional economic development strategy for all of Blaine County.  Fry’s current work and research at IPI focuses on the role of multi-sector, evidence-based solutions in addressing persistent social, environmental and economic issues.