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Nominations Now Open for Process Improvement Symposium

By: Brady W Moore   Published 3:56 pm / November 14, 2017

As the second annual Process Improvement Symposium approaches, think back over the past year about innovation at Boise State. Who rocked it out, what problem did you roll over and what should be celebrated?

The campus community will be celebrating business innovation at the Process Improvement Symposium, from 10 a.m.-noon Feb. 1, 2018. Nominate yourself or others for innovation in business processes big and small, individuals that lead change with a positive and proactive attitude, reduction of the carbon footprint, elimination of shadow systems, and efforts to improve efficiency across campus. Those who nominate will be rewarded for their effort.

Nominations are open now until Dec. 11. To nominate, just answer four easy questions on this form.

  1. Who are you nominating?
  2. What department(s) do they represent?
  3. What categories should we consider?
  4. What was the business problem, solution, and outcome?

Register to attend and cheer on the campus community as the Office of Continuous Improvement presents the “shadow hunter,” “tree hugger,” “splendid self-sufficiency,” “incremental innovation,” “leaps and bounds,” “building the bench,” “fresh and fly,” “change maker” and “cool collaborators” awards.