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Teresa Boucher

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 3:53 pm / November 14, 2017

Image of Teresa Boucher

Teresa Boucher

Department of World Languages
College of Arts and Sciences

Spanish author Miguel Delibes was born and died in the same city: Valladolid, Spain. Yet in the span of 80 years, he was a professor, father of seven, newspaper editor, journalist and author who penned 20 novels and won nearly every literary prize awarded in his native country.

Despite his literary success, his name is unfamiliar to most American audiences, as only 11 of his works have been translated into English. Teresa Boucher wants to change that. “Love Letters from a Voluptuous Sexagenarian” is the first English translation of “Cartas de Amor de un Sexagenario Voluptuoso,” originally published in 1983.

“It’s an engaging piece because Eugenio, a retired newspaper editor and a 65-year-old virgin, has an opinion on just about everything and doesn’t hesitate to share it,” Boucher explained. “We, the readers, are in the position of his pen pal, Rocío, a 56-year-old merry widow. Eugenio attempts to win Rocío over with the projection of his ‘best’ self. What emerges in spite of himself is the often comical portrait of an elderly, hypocritical, pretentious, hypochondriac bachelor whose opportunistic rise to a position of editorial power in the field of journalism was accomplished in questionable circumstances.”