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Bob Casper and Devshikha Bose

By: Brady W Moore   Published 1:29 pm / November 19, 2017

Bob Casper and Devshikha Bose


Portrait of Bob Casper

Bob Casper

Portrait of Devshikha Bose

Devshikha Bose

Bob Casper presented at OpenEd17, the 14th annual Open Education Conference, on Oct. 12 in Anaheim, California. This presentation was co-authored by Devshikha Bose.

Boise State University is a relatively new entrant to the area of open educational resources (OER) in higher education. However, the university already has developed a faculty professional development model. This model is characterized by a graduated progression, in which faculty have the opportunity of experiencing professional development on OER through various short and long term programs like workshops, single-day institutes, semester-long faculty learning communities and faculty mentorships. It is facilitated by instructional designers and technologists from the IDEA (instructional design and educational assessment) shop in collaboration with learning technology solutions.

The presentation at OpenEd17 provided a brief overview of the OER professional development model at Boise State. Some topics discussed included the background and timeline of OER professional development at Boise State, components of the training model, process of call for applications, participant selection criteria, learning content and methodology. Other topics like external factors affecting implementation of OER, student government involvement, and dealings with the school administration, also were addressed. The participants engaged in active discussion and shared how OER is being implemented in their institutions. Also discussed were ideas on how the current Boise State model can be improved.

If you are interested in using OER in your course, please go to the IDEA Shop’s website for more information.