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Jaclyn Kettler

By: Brady W Moore   Published 2:36 pm / November 27, 2017

Photo of Jaclyn Kettler

Jaclyn Kettler

Assistant Professor
Political Science
School of Public Service

A new article by Jaclyn Kettler, “How Democrats can build on their 2017 victories to win in 2018,” has been published by USAPP, the London School of Economics’ American Politics and Policy blog. Her piece looked at the recent special elections, including those in Virginia and New Jersey, and examines what they may mean for the 2018 midterm elections. The article explored the historical trend of midterm losses by the party in power and the effect of national politics and presidential approval ratings on state-level races. It also noted a significant increase in the number of women expressing interest in running for office.

Kettler also recently participated in an invited conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The conference, “Good Reasons to Run: A Conversation Between Advocates and Academics,” sought to advance research on how to encourage a more diverse group of candidates to run for political office. Kettler’s research and presentation focused on how candidates can use their campaign funding to support other candidates. Her work, along with the work of other conference participants, will become part of an edited book.