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Kelly Arispe

By: Brady W Moore   Published 8:45 am / December 16, 2017

Portrait of Kelly Arispe

Kelly Arispe

Assistant Professor, Spanish
Department of World Languages
College of Arts and Sciences

Kelly Arispe recently published an article with co-author Jack Burston from the Cyprus University of Technology titled “Looking for a needle in a haystack: CALL and Advanced Language Proficiency” in the CALICO Journal, a prominent journal for research in language learning and technology.

Their work is a meta-analysis based on research published in the four most prominent journals in the field of computer assisted language learning (CALL). Specifically, they analyzed 2,000 articles to determine which studies included intermediate and advanced level learners and, for those that did, they characterized the pedagogical design and linguistic outcomes. They concluded that just 3.4 percent of the research within the field actually includes intermediate+ learners, and of these studies, most do not report on linguistic outcomes. This is to say, there is almost no research within the field of CALL that is focused on how technology can improve language proficiency beyond the intermediate level. Thus, their findings will lay the groundwork for future research targeted to advanced language learners and the integration of technology for improved linguistic outcomes.