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Process Improvement Symposium Nominees Announced

By: Brady W Moore   Published 12:35 pm / January 5, 2018

During the months of November and December, members of the campus community nominated the following individuals and departments for innovation in business processes big and small. Nominees have demonstrated excellence in areas such as leading change with a positive and proactive attitude, reducing the carbon footprint, eliminating shadow systems and working to improve efficiency across campus. 

Award winners will be announced at the Process Improvement Symposium from 10 a.m.-noon Feb. 1, in the Student Union Building, Simplot Ballroom.

Individual Nominees

Aaron Lunt Diana Nydegger Katelin Phillips Megan DuPre
Abel Johnson Dianne Owen Katie Sewell Molly George
Alex Williamson Drew Jossis Katy Lightfield Monica Angleton
Angie Zirschky Eldar Sakebaev Kay Trotter Nancy Knopf
Ashlee Anderson Elise Alford Kelli Rooney Noreen Camacho
Barb Sciscoe Evelyn Redshaw Ken Kline Nycole Gabiola
Barry Burbank Gabriel Stephens Kim Marks Olgie Castillo
Ben King Garth Lyon Kristal Cilley Phil Merrell
Cali Eby Gay Barzee Kristen DeBoer Rahim Osman
Camile Mick Hope Hernandez Kristof Bihari Rhonda Reagan
Carolyn Goetz Irene Pedraza Lori Kolasch Rossitta Fleming
Catherine Weitz Jacy Jones Lori Rodriguez Sharla Davison
Chao Tang Janet Eld Mandy Nelson Stephanie Sackerman
Charlene Davis Jentry Walsh Marcy Harmer Susan DeBaugh
Chelsea Avery Jerri Mizrahi Marget Walker Susan Eaton
Christine Savary Jillian Fice Maria Tellez Teri Gormley
Christine Uria Jordy LePiane Mark Damm Tiffany Trader
Colin Smith Julie Parke Markay Gold Tina Gonzales
Crystal Pidjeon Karen Toon Mary Wong Tori Lewis
Dale Seay Karina Smith Matt Lundgren Tyler Wigington
Daniel Gold Kat Roemer Matt Smith Shaunna Kennedy
Derrick Fink

Department and Team Nominees

Advising and Academic Support Center
Accounts Payable
Budget Office
Campus Services – University Event Services
College of Business & Economics
Early and Special Education Department
Human Resources Hiring Process Redesign Team
Idaho Small Business Development Center
Registrar’s Office
School of Nursing
Student Financial Services
Transit Center Team – Department of Public Safety
Travel Authorization Redesign Team
Travel Services
University Health Services
Web Development Team/ Registrar’s Office/ Learning Technology Solutions Team