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Boise State Bike Commuters Reach 10K Goal

By: Anna Webb   Published 1:17 pm / September 12, 2018

The 10,000 Mile Bicycle Commuter Club at Boise State is an informal group hosted by the Cycle Learning Center. Nearly 60 dedicated cyclists have set the goal of riding their bikes to work each day.

Peter Mullner

Peter Mullner

Two professors, John Ziker from the Department of Anthropology and Peter Mullner from the departments of Material Science and English, have been bike commuting to campus for close to 15 years. The committed cyclists recently reached their 10k mile marks.

For Ziker, riding his bike to work offers time for creative thinking and problem solving.

John Ziker

John Ziker

Mullner said that he gets to work faster on his bike, with less stress, and free from the daunting task of finding a parking spot. Both emphasize the health benefits of biking, both for the human body and the planet.

The CLC welcomes those in the campus community interested in greening their commutes. The CLC bike shop offers a weekly bicycle commuting class that teaches street smarts and rules of the road. People who join the 10k Club receive a free tune-up every 1,000 miles ridden, scratch off parking passes, exclusive sales, and bicycle workshops. Email for more information and sign up.