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Chad Erpelding, Larry McNeil

By: Anna Webb   Published 2:24 pm / October 11, 2018

Chad Erpelding, Larry McNeil

Department of Art
College of Arts and Sciences

The Boise City Department of Arts and History recently installed work by two Boise State art professors at the Valley Regional Transit Main Street Station at 777 W. Main St.

A series of five mural-sized photographs by Larry McNeil, professor of photography, hang inside the station to complement the existing mural banners, “Moments in Transition,” by John Francis. The McNeil images use iconic Boise views to “transform the station into a futuristic space port or parking a hover car in front of the historic Boise Depot, giving travelers both a sense of comfort and wonder,” read the city’s press release.

art by Larry McNeil

Vinyl Mural Series (2018) by Larry McNeil

“The Commute: Idaho: Imports and Exports” by Chad Erpelding, professor of painting and drawing, and director of the graduate program in art, adorns the station windows and “explores the international connections between Idaho and the rest of the world. The piece weaves together local maps with the shapes of the top 25 countries with whom Idaho imports and exports,” read the press release.

art by Chad Erpelding

The Commute (2018) by Chad Erpelding

A third piece, an abstract mural titled “Transit,” by Boise artist Tony Caprai, is located on the walls of the bus entry ramp. All the work represents a second phase of public art investment in the station through the public art plan developed by Boise artist Stephanie Inman.