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Devshikha Bose and Patrick Lowenthal

By: kristenbrevik   Published 4:15 am / October 23, 2018

Devshikha Bose and Patrick Lowenthal

IDEA Shop and Department of Education Technology

Devshikha Bose

Patrick Lowenthal

Devshikha Bose, an instructional design consultant with the IDEA Shop, co-authored a peer reviewed journal article with Patrick Lowenthal, associate professor in the department of Educational Technology. The article/case study was published in the Online Journal of New Horizons in Education.

The purpose of this case study was to investigate faculty perceptions of participating in a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) and how the FLC contributed toward their pedagogical use of e-portfolios and the potential impact of e-portfolios on student learning.

Results suggested that the FLC, as a professional development experience, enabled faculty at different levels of e-portfolio adoption, to learn from their peers, become more confident instructors, reflect on course design and plan for changes in the instructional use of e-portfolios. Changes in instructional design through the intentional inclusion of e-portfolios can have a positive impact on student learning.