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Cycle Learning Center

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 1:33 pm / November 8, 2018

Cycle Learning Center

Campus Recreation

Boise State University’s on-campus bike shop, Cycle Learning Center, recently was featured on the blog of the local bike shop State Bicycle Co. Their retailer spotlight read, in part:

Q: “Cycle Learning Center” has a different ring to it than most bike shops. What was the inspiration for the name?

A: It stems from our mission to be a place where folks can walk in and learn something in order to increase their self-sufficiency with bike repair. We want all the students at Boise State to graduate with the knowledge of fixing flat tires, keeping a lubed chain, and basic maintenance they can do themselves. The Cycle Learning Center aims to be a bike shop where customers aren’t shunned for asking stupid questions and feel safe to learn the basics without the barriers of intimidation.