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NSF CAREER Award Could Lead to New Disease Treatments

Photo of Daniel Fologea in the lab

A protein extracted from the fluid of earthworms is providing researchers with valuable information that could help treat deadly diseases.

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Second Boise State 2016 CAREER Award Looks at Common Knee Injury

Trevor Lujan examines a model of a human knee.

Trevor Lujan will investigate why meniscal tears in the knee happen so often and and how the risk of failure is affected by age.

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Prestigious NSF CAREER Award Funds Quantum Research

Photo of Paul Simmonds

Physicist Paul Simmonds is betting that creating replicable quantum dots can significantly improve computer function.

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CAREER Award Asks Big Questions About Small Particles


Kevin Ausman’s CAREER award is allowing him to look more closely at how C60 oxide behaves.

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Latest NSF CAREER Award Reflects Research Growth

Claire Xiong displaying her research

Claire Xiong’s quest to create a better battery has earned her a coveted NSF CAREER Award.

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Engineering’s Vishal Saxena Receives NSF CAREER Award

Vishal Saxena working on his research

The $500,000 NSF grant will explore a way to reduce the energy needed to sustain the ever-growing Internet cloud using environmentally friendly options.

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Physicist Pushpa Raghani Receives NSF CAREER Award


Pushpa Raghani has been awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award for her exceptional ability to integrate her cutting-edge research into her teaching activities.

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OSP Hosts NSF CAREER Award Session

The Office of Sponsored Programs invites the campus community to attend a Feb. 17 discussion on the NSF Early Faculty Career Development Program (NSF CAREER Award).

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